Whether you’re new to outdoor cooking or an experienced al-fresco chef, the process can still raise questions.


Through our conscious use of granite, your outdoor kitchen will be easy to care for. Clean your granite outdoor kitchen with soapy water after use and follow the general maintenance guidelines for all appliances. Your granite outdoor kitchen can be power-washed should there be any dirt or grime, however, avoid jet-washing your appliances and accessories.

Yes! This was the primary vision for Igneous – to create the first genuinely weatherproof outdoor kitchen. With the use of luxurious granite, your Igneous outdoor kitchen is made to cope with the elements, and that includes wind.

While you’ll need to protect your BBQ and various appliances you may have installed, your kitchen itself will cope with most weather conditions, so your chosen location doesn’t require any overhead cover.


Once you place your order for an Igneous Outdoor Kitchen, a member of our friendly team will be in contact with you to arrange an installation date. We have an in-house team who will complete the installation. Unfortunately, we are unable to connect services such as water, electricity or gas.

You will need a hard standing that’s firm, flat, level, and clear from any debris. As Igneous kitchens have adjustable legs, there is some scope for levelling your kitchen. However, please note this won’t always be possible. Granite is heavy, so please check that your patio or hard standing is suitable for the weight. The weight of each module is listed on the relevant page of each product in our shop.


Absolutely, our kitchens are completely modular, meaning you can tailor the kitchen to your requirements and space. Start with one module and gradually add more, or alternatively, explore our predefined layouts. Because our modules and outdoor kitchens are completely modular, you can relocate them, which is ideal for moving house or renting.


We are pleased to say our outdoor kitchen range is constructed from luxurious yet eco-conscious Granite, making it truly weatherproof with longevity in mind. Parts of the frame are constructed from marine-grade stainless steel and aluminium, which are also ideal for durability.

Still have questions?

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