About Us


Hear our story and discover our values.


Our Journey

The conception of Igneous Outdoor Kitchens is deeply rooted in history, tracing back to the birth of granite hundreds of millions of years ago. But don’t worry, we won’t take you on a geological tour. Instead, let’s jump to 2004.

That’s when Shawn and Garry, along with Charlie, Sue & Kelly laid the foundation of what is now known as Granite Kitchen Services Ltd, or GKS for convenience, nestled in Botley, Southampton. As GKS flourished, amassing a team of twenty-five committed individuals, our creativity sparked ideas for outdoor furnishings, including fish tanks, pizza ovens, and BBQs.

After several experiments and trials and the recognition of a gap in the market for a genuine weatherproof outdoor kitchen, the vision of Igneous Outdoor Kitchen was born.

A Clear Vision

Creating Outdoor Experiences

Having worked with granite for over 25 years and with a knowledge of kitchens and a love of outdoor cooking, the birth of Igneous Outdoor Kitchens was just a matter of time.

Igneous is built on a passion for creating memories, relishing tasty dishes, and indulging in the comfort of outdoor living. From the entire team, we welcome you to our journey.

Our Ethos

A Passion for Durability and Luxury

Igneous Outdoor Kitchens is the brand name of the luxury outdoor kitchen range by GKS. Made in Hampshire, using granite, marine grade stainless steel, and aluminium, these kitchens are made especially for the outdoors and to cope with all normal weather conditions.

This means you can be confident of consistently excellent results when cooking outdoors. With their user-focused and simple design, our products are easy to use, clean, and maintain, meaning making memories has never been easier.

Our ethos of investing in well-made, durable products revolves both around giving you the best possible outdoor cooking results, as well as reducing our ecological footprint. By using eco-conscious materials, we’re proud to be contributing to a greener future.


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