Outdoor BBQs

If you love grilling and barbecuing, you need an outdoor BBQ.

If you love grilling and barbecuing, you need an outdoor BBQ.

Making memories

The Hotspot for Outdoor Entertaining

With a luxury outdoor BBQ, you can cook delicious and juicy burgers, steaks, chicken, seafood, and more. Enjoy the fresh air and the company of your family and friends, turning a dining experience into a memorable celebration.

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Reliable and Sleek

Reliable and Sleek

Our suppliers make their outdoor kitchen BBQs from top-quality materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, and ceramic. By working with these components, the products benefit from maximum durability and weather resistance in our products. On top of this, they’re also easy to keep clean and maintain, and their sleek, modern design can enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Embracing the Lifestyle

Embracing the Lifestyle

At Igneous, we’re passionate about supporting you in embracing the outdoor cooking lifestyle. That’s why we’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible and ensure we give you flexibility where required. We have partnered with varies BBQ suppliers to offer multiple cooking styles and options. However due to the extensive range of BBQ’s currently on the market you have the freedom to choose your own specific make if you wish. However it is important that you consult with us that your chosen BBQ is compatible with our selected modules.

An Extensive Range

An Extensive Range

Choose from a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and features to ensure you’ve got the proper outdoor BBQ for your space. Our various manufacturers also offer a number of accessories, including grilling tools, thermometers, covers, and more, to complete your luxury outdoor barbecuing experience.

Partners with leading brands

Leading Culinary Brands

We understand how vital a BBQ is to elevate your outdoor experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading brands like Sunstone, Napoleon, Beefeater, OneQ, Brabura and Buschbeck to offer our customers the ultimate range of BBQs that are perfect for outdoor kitchens. Some of these products are available to purchase on our store while others are available upon enquiry. Contact us for further information.

Sunstone BBQs

With their range of built-in grills, side burners, drawers, and refrigerators, sunstone BBQs are ideal for those who want to create a professional and stylish outdoor cooking space.

Napoleon BBQs

Napoleon BBQs

These are known for their high-quality construction and durability, which make them resistant to rust and corrosion. Napoleon BBQs are perfect for those who want to enjoy grilling for a long time.

Beefeater BBQs

Beefeater BBQs

They are renowned for their affordability and ease of use, which make them suitable for beginners and experts alike. They are an excellent choice for someone seeking a simple and fun grilling experience.


With OneQ, you have the freedom to design your own barbecue setup, choosing from a variety of modules including gas grills, charcoal grills, teppanyaki plates, and more. Discover the art of smart outdoor cooking with OneQ—the Dutch-designed modular barbecue system that redefines the outdoor kitchen experience. Each component seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space and our outdoor kitchen modules.


Buschbeck stands as a beacon of German engineering and quality in the world of outdoor cooking. Their award-winning masonry barbecues are not only a testament to durability, with a double-walled construction unique in Europe, but also to versatility, allowing the use of various fuels like logs, charcoal, and even gas with an insert. These BBQs are maintenance-free, impervious to the elements, and come with the assurance of the German TUV/GS safety certification.


Brabura grills are renowned for their sleek design and exceptional durability, crafted from premium stainless steel for a lifetime of grilling. Experience the joy of cooking on a flat-top griddle that brings out the natural flavors of meat, seafood, and vegetables, searing them to perfection. With Brabura, every meal is an opportunity to create memories around the fire, making it more than just a barbecue—it’s the centerpiece of your garden gatherings.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg’s are eponymous with Kamado BBQs. The distinctive green Kamado is a signature essential for your outdoor kitchen.

Your peace of mind

Our BBQ partners offer comprehensive warranties for peace of mind.

Finding your preference

Gas or Charcoal?

We offer an abundance of choices to our customers, but choosing between gas and charcoal outdoor BBQs can be challenging. Both gas and charcoal barbecues can cook a variety of foods, from burgers and steaks to seafood and veggies.


Gas barbecues are often easier to use. They ignite with the push of a button and heat up very quickly. You can also control the temperature precisely with the knobs and switch off the gas when you’re finished.

We think they offer greater versatility, as they often come with multiple burners, side burners, griddles, and rotisseries. You can cook with the lid closed, too, which allows for convection and indirect cooking.

Some of our gas BBQs include charcoal and wood trays, too, to provide that classic BBQ flavour while retaining the convenience and versatility of gas cooking.


Charcoal outdoor BBQs are known for the smoky flavour they impart to the food. For many, this is a highlight of the barbecuing experience. The flavour can be adapted to your personal tastes by experimenting with different types of charcoal in combination with marinades and seasonings.

For those who love the thought of cooking on charcoal or wood, we have made sure we are able to cater to their passion by ensuring we have a broad selection of charcoal cooking options.


Can’t settle on one? Our outdoor kitchens can be configured to have multiple cooking options.